Hayauchi Range

Next to the original 390mm long blade, Silky has launched a new blade of 480mm that fits every telescopic pole saw in the Hayauchi series. The 480mm long blade enables you to saw even faster. The original blade is 390mm long.

Renewed detachable lower sickle for undercutting bark, creating a clean cut without damaging the tree. Fixed upper sickle to cut twigs and vines.

It utilizes the Silky 4-Retsume teeth technology - ideal for the toughest pruning jobs. The Hayauchi 480mm comes complete with a new scabbard, blade fixing pipe and lower sickle.

The Hayauchi 480mm has an aggressive pitch of 6.5 teeth per 30mm. The teeth can be filed with a feather edge file.

Hayauchi blades can be re-sharpened and all parts are replaceable.

Silky Saws are traditional Japanese pruning saws and as such are designed to cut on the pull stroke. The blade will be under tension on the cutting stroke and will not be able to bow. Let the saw do the work. Never force the blade on the push stroke as you will be pushing against the direction of the teeth. Carefully take the pressure off the blade in order to release the saw. Generally you should experience fewer vibrations and use less effort enabling longer work and improved productivity.

The Hayauchi 480 Head should always be stored with the blade guard in place. They should also be cleaned of any debris/dirt to ensure a smooth opening operation. The blade should ideally be cleaned with a solvent – this will help to prolong its useful life.

WARNING. DO NOT USE POLE SAWS WITHIN 15M OF POWER LINES OR ELECTRICAL WIRES. Failure to heed this warning may result in serious injury or death by electrocution.

WARNING. NEVER CUT DIRECTLY ABOVE YOUR HEAD. Always consider where falling branches will land on the ground. We strongly recommend the use of protective hard hats and glasses when using pole saws.

WARNING. Silky Saws are extremely sharp so please be careful when using and keep away from children. Improper use can cause serious injury.

MANUFACTURER WARNING. Incorrect use of a Silky Saw may cause injury. Silky, its affiliates, subsidiaries, importers, distributors and dealers are not responsible for and shall not be liable for any fatality, injury, loss, or damage resulting from the use of its saws.

This Hayauchi blade is manufactured from SK-4 carbon steel and cut out by laser. The taper-ground profile reduces drag and directs more usable energy to the cutting edge.

The Hayauchi utilises Silky's proprietary 4-RETSUME teeth technology which literally means four rows of teeth. As a result, the teeth are set in such a way that there appears to be four rows of them which leads to faster, more aggressive and easier pruning. These saws can easily be used for rougher cutting and heavier tasks as they can rip-cut, cross cut and slant-cut.

The Hayauchi Pole Saw blades are chrome plated which helps protect against rust and sap as well as providing additional strength. This also helps extend the life of the blade.

Hayauchi Pole Saw blades are not manufactured using electro impulse hardening and as such can be re-sharpened using a feather edge file. This should help extend the life of the blade.

Part No. Blade Length (mm) Teeth per 30mm
KSI072148 480 6.5


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