Frequently Asked Questions

The current stock list for 2016 and 2017 is available from our site and can be downloaded as a PDF file here

There is a pole saw instruction manual which can be downloaded as a PDF file here

Our details are at the bottom of every page, or you can contact us via the form on this page.
You can order a brochure featuring our entire catalogue of Silky products via our Request a Brochure form.
Any of our Stockists can provide you with the parts and spares for your Silky products. Please refer to our Stockists section for details of your nearest Silky supplier.
All handles are made out of 'Gom' but it is not natural Gom, instead it is made from crude oil. This is to reduce the effects of possible allergic reactions.
It means 'concave ground.'
No, the Sugoi, Sugowaza and Hayate are made from a special steel alloy. The Nata, Yoki and Ono are also made of a special kind of steel. This steel reduces the vibrations of the impact while hitting the wood and no metal parts may break out.

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